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3 min readApr 7, 2021


During the pandemic, it may be hard to find a mental health provider. Or, you may be skeptical of seeking care outside the home. Online therapy can be a great choice for your child or teen to talk with someone. Online therapy has resulted in patients experiencing considerable improvements in their mental problems. Moreover, for many children and teenagers, sitting in a therapist’s clinic talking about their feelings is not much desirable. However, talking to a therapist online may be preferable.

Even if they do not express their feelings, your kids and teens may be having a tough time coping with life during COVID-19.

When lockdown happened, your kids lost their day-to-day routines and their chances to go out and socialize with their friends. They may be working hard to hold up with their schoolwork by computer. They may be sad over the cancellation of school trips, freshers parties, farewell parties or graduations. They may feel isolated and lonely and wonder when will the social distancing end. Such feelings may put them at intensified risk of depression or anxiety. It is vital to pay attention to their mental healthcare.

Depressed children and teens may appear sad, moody, or withdrawn, or their eat or sleep routine may be unusual. There may be other signs too, such as unexplained anger or no interest in friends or pastimes. Younger children may face problems while concentrating and sleeping well. Also, they may have stomach issues. Younger children may cry a lot for no or petty issues or throw tantrums. They may start feeling helpless or useless. They may feel anxious and worried.

During this tough time, ask your children to share and talk about their feelings. Give extra attention to them and their feelings. This may help your children feel less lonely.

If this does not help to make your child or teen’s mood good, do not think twice to call the pediatrician or mental healthcare professional to support them. A therapist can help children and teens understand their emotions, perceive things correctly and convey their feelings effectively. The therapist can also make children and teens learn certain skills that are appropriate for their age so that they can cope with feelings of depression and anxiety. Learning such skills can help the whole family understand each other better.

Many parents wonder, however, whether online therapy for kids is a good idea. Some advantages of talking to a qualified mental healthcare professional over the internet are as follows:

There are many reasons why you might want to opt for online therapy for your kids and teenagers as opposed to conventional therapy.

  • Teens and even children these days are comfortable using the internet. Most of the children and teens enjoy watching videos online and chatting. So, online therapy, over the computer or smartphone, can feel more comfortable than speaking to a therapist face-to-face.
  • Online therapy can save time. This is because you do not have to commute to the therapist’s clinic. For children and teens who live in rural regions or those who do not have conveyance, online appointments may provide easier access.
  • There is less of a stigma attached to undergoing online therapy. Many teens feel uncomfortable and embarrassed about having to see a therapist. Perhaps, they fear that their relatives and peers will find out about them being in treatment. Online therapy can lessen many of such concerns.
  • Online therapy may be less costly. The prices may be lower than face-to-face therapy sessions. So, it may be more reasonable.

Your children or teens today may have had screen interactions their whole lives. Considering this, they may like the suggestion of talking to an approachable mental health professional within the comforts of their homes. They have possibly had video calls with their teachers and tutors lately. Consequently, they may be used to talking to adults who are authority figures.

Being aware that your children or teens are having their mental health needs being taken care of would give you greater peace of mind, that too at a time when you may be facing many problems related to your own lives. Conclusively, such factors make Online therapy right for your children or teens.

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