Telemedicine — 3 Obstacles You Will Face With Telemedicine

4 min readFeb 19, 2021

Telemedicine is the future of medicine. This article mentions three things you need to do and know as you integrate telemedicine into your health routine. Remotely diagnosing, caring for, and treating patients through the phone is a non-traditional approach. Therefore, the challenges faced concern planning, adoption, and uncertainty.

Action without strategizing is lethal.

Telemedicine takes time to give constructive results. It can take a while to go from the initial decision to the implementation. A strategy is a catalyst to your success. You should start with listing all the difficulties you can think of and deal with them in your strategy:

What does the market need? does the market lack? What are needs that are not realized by the patients yet but would improve their experience if fulfilled?

How will you form a team? Will the team be interdisciplinary? What will be the team size? On what basis will the team handle patients?

Who are your target patients? What will be your goals? Will your success be based on your number of patients achieved or the quality of feedback you receive?

  • At what time will you start with it?
  • What will you do to help facial its adoption by patients as well as providers?

Who will be your vendors? How will you go on with internal and external marketing? How will you go on with workflow design and the formation of care teams?

Decide on one or two basic services you want to offer to your patients and start there. Trying to do it all is a disaster. Don’t try to be a jack of all trades but master of none!

Keep a good attitude while waiting for the patients to adopt telemedicine.

Accept that patients will adopt it GRADUALLY and maintaining a patient base is a whole nother task.

Have you ever modified a workflow that includes patients? What were the consequences? Did you receive any repulsion from the patients or team? Remember, you are changing the direction of a patient’s perspective. Your purpose should be to shift them from assuming, “I have to commute to see my doctor.” to thinking “I can consult my doctor on my phone.” In your strategy, you will have to analyze ways to promote their buy-in and approval of this fresh approach. Once your patients visit your platform a few times, they will share with others how they can get quality care for minor medical ailments.

Telemedicine is moving into big cities. But, besides that, you need to think about the rural populations.

Moreover, if your patients are unaware of your service, then it would not get adopted. And, for such reasons, content marketing and social media marketing are necessary these days through email newsletters, social media platforms and your blog.

Providers may be uncertain.

You may not find it surprising that providers are the toughest to convince. Providers may avoid innovation since it leads to competition. Individual providers sometimes avoid solutions to licensing complications as they want to resist competition from another state’s network. This resistance increases with the growth of nationwide networks. Remember, simply because you have created it, does not indicate that they will show up for it.

Certain things that will increase buy-in from patients to providers are as follows:

  • Make a diverse team of stakeholders and ask for their feedback and input throughout the whole procedure.
  • Recognize parameters for success, and analyze, share and work on them religiously.
  • Accept that it takes a while to observe effects, which can be up to two years from the very idea stage to the implementation stage. Recall your teams of this as they face obstacles.
  • Carefully choose a vendor that is experienced in executing telemedicine platforms into companies like yours.

Although getting to try and retaining them is a challenge, it can be accomplished with proper planning and quality services. The uncertainty with the providers can be staved off by incorporating the above-mentioned measures.

As soon as you have dealt with these three obstacles, you will be on your path to successfully integrate telemedicine.

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